Sunday, April 01, 2007

What about trim colors!

Now I have a dilemma, what should I do for trim colors?

Depending on the time of day and sunlight, this wicker colored siding changes shades so I’m in a quandary what trim colors I can use that goes with a siding that changes looks throughout the day?

If I had it to do over, I would not have put this cheap vinyl siding on. No longer do the old nice looking bungalow windows stick out like they use to, they are flat to the house and it just doesn’t look right.

We lost a lot of architectural detail by putting up those soffits up years ago (not my idea, I loved the beams showing) and putting that ugly aluminum over the stained bead board porch ceiling was also done against my wishes.

But back to the trim colors. I wanted to do very colorful shades
but I feel limited since this siding keeps switching from yellow to a light tan color all the time?

the back room redo

The amazing thing about the back room redo was that the color I picked for the walls happened to be the original color of the room.

I noticed it when I was cleaning up the woodwork and saw that the very bottom layer of paint on the edges of the woodwork matched the color that I had chosen.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Siding is starting to go up

oh look at this old clapboard under the old aluminum siding. I wish I could paint it and keep it but hubby wont hear of it. The black and white windows will not go with this Wicker colored siding. What colors can I use that will go with it? Any ideas?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Drywall and Primer

The tornado damagedback room is so old and crooked that we had to patch the uneveness after we put in the drywall.
This is the ugly steel door hubby installed. I really miss my original bungalow back door!

Now to fix all the woodwork that someone (not I) carelessly pried off the walls. Lots of patching, gluing and staining to come :-(

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our Tornado Damage

We are still working on our tornado damaged sunroom. After the tornado peeled off the roof, it rained so hard later that night that the plaster ceiling fell down. After removing the plaster from the walls we discovered that all the beams in one wall were rotten and it had to be totally reframed.

Sadly I lost the original bungalow backdoor from this room and one window frame. We've got all the woodwork off now laying in a huge pile, it should be quite a challenge getting it all back up in the right places even though we marked them!

I now realize why it was always so cold in that room, the insulation in the walls resembled mosquito netting. We have put in good insulation now. The floor found under the carpet was an ancient linoleum that had a brick pattern.

This was a good opportunity to replace all of those old cloth wires at least. I'll post more on this project later.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

1920's Kohler Pedestal Sink

We had our Kohler's Pedestal Sink refinished,
it cost $350 bucks but I think they could have
done a better job.

I wanted to keep the original cast iron sink
instead of buying a new fiberglass one.

I'll post a picture this week, I think I have
a before picture somewhere too.

Bungalow lighting

Old wiring is spooky.
We've had to replace
a lot of old wiring.

We put a ceiling fan
in this room and I
think we should
put the same kind
in the parlor. There
are wires over there,
but those have not
been replaced yet.

Refinishing the floors

The floors were pretty
well abused. Some of
the boards had to be
replaced. It sure looks
nice now in the living
room, parlor, dining
room and hallway.

diagonal wall in the dining room

Here are other
photos showing
that diagonal
wall that hides
the kitchen.

I'll bet they
took out some
nice built-ins
in that huge
dining room
when they
made half of
it into a
kitchen :-(

dining room to pantry

The previous owners
took a bedroom closet
and turned it into a
kitchen pantry to make
up for lost storage
space since after they
turned the old kitchen
into a family room.

Here is the diagonal
wall that runs through
the dining room to hide
the kitchen.

Layout of the house

If you will notice, the people
that owned the house before
us wanted a family room. So they
turned the old kitchen into a family
room and divided the dining room
diagonally to make a V shaped
kitchen with a partial wall. Its An

unusual feature in an old bungalow
but we don't intend to change it.

parlor before and after

I wanted to
make the parlor
look like it might
have in the 20's.

This is the result.

front porch before and after

After stripping the old oak porch floor
I painted a design on it.

I used non-yellowing urethane on it and guess what? After one year it has yellow blotches all over it!

Does anyone know how to get the urethane off without stripping the paint off??

1923 Springfield Bungalow

We bought a 1923 Bungalow in Springfield and are renovating the rooms. This is our story.